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SecureWeb is still off-line (01/12/2006)

FAPAS apologises for the problems we are having with access to our secure website. This issue is also effecting our email system. We hope it will be resolved later today. Please keep trying or fax your results to us on +44 1904 462111 or +44 1904 462040. We will extend the deadline for tests ending on 14 or 15 December. We will accept results up to and including 21 December.

New FEPAS Packaging (11/10/2006)

We have been working with packaging consultants DGP (UK) Ltd to improve the durability of the boxes and the insulation used to deliver our test materials. Initially the boxes will just be for FEPAS but we are looking to extend the range in the future. So look out for our new style boxes which will be launched for FEPAS 117 at the end of this month.

With Regret (29/09/2006)

We are sad to pass on news of the death of Dr William (Bill) Horwitz on September 27, 2006. We acknowledge the great contribution that he has made to the analytical community. He was AOAC’s Executive Director for 28 years, edited many editions of The Official Methods of Analysis and of course developed the Horwtiz equation that we use in the statistical analysis of so many of our proficiency tests.

Latest News: ISO 9001 Certification Awarded (16/08/2006)

CSL has gained Certification by Lloyds Quality Assurance for compliance to ISO 9001: 2000. If you require any further information please contact us,

Customer Satisfaction Survey (28/07/2006)

Thank you to all of our participants who took time to fill in our web-based customer satisfaction survey. We asked you to assess us on accessibility, responsiveness, test material and report quality, administration and the quality of our staff. Of the 359 participants who submitted their questionnaire, 90.5 % of you rated us as excellent or good. This information is incredibly useful to us and by using your feedback we will improve the quality of our service to you.

Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials. (17/07/2006)

LONDON, Monday 18th- Tuesday 19th September 2006. There is only a few weeks to go before the abstract submission deadline! Short oral presentations of preliminary data, standard oral presentations, and posters are welcome. The meeting is a joint venture between the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry-UK branch (SETAC-UK, ),the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB,, the Environment Agency, U.K., the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI,, and in collaboration with the Natural Environment Research Council and Defra. See the SETAC UK web site for registration forms and abstract submission details.

XIIth International IUPAC Symposium on Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins (13/07/2006)

21-25 May 2007

The meeting will comprise a number of plenary lectures reviewing methods of analysis and sampling, toxicity, chemistry, biochemistry, biomonitoring, risk assessment, etc. Poster sessions will also play an important part in the symposium and there will be concurrent instrument and manufacturers exhibition.

Click here for further information.

Knowledge Management for Food Safety (05/07/2006)

Central Science Laboratory (CSL) has a strong track record of delivering decision support information on-line. Using data from authoritative sources and presenting it clearly and simply, CSL's on-line tools can save time and expense in the drive to protect consumer safety and confidence by providing quick and easy access to global legislative limits for pesticides, veterinary drugs and mycotoxins, along with detailed pesticide approvals information in the UK.

Click here for further information

Contact d.hunt at

Tel: +44 (0)1904 462612

7th CSL/JIFSAN SYMPOSIUM 6-7 June 2006 (16/03/2006)

CSL and JIFSAN (USA) continue their successful series of annual meetings with a Symposium to be held in York (UK) entitled 'Quality Assurance in Food Safety - Networking of Laboratories'. For further details please go to the CSL website at:

TRACE 2nd Annual Meeting and Traceability and the Consumer Conference (10/03/2006)

The second annual TRACE meeting is being held on the 24 - 26 April in Prague, Czech Republic. For further details please go to the website at

Scientific Workshop in Prague 31st March 2006 (06/03/2006)

A workshop jointly organised by CSL (FAPAS) and the Department of Food Chemistry and Analysis, Institute of Chemical Technology. Please contact for further details. Directions to the Institute can be found on the Institute of Chemical Technology website.

NEW!! Proficiency Testing in Sugar Analysis (09/02/2006)

FAPAS are introducing new proficiency tests in the area of sugar analysis. The tests would include dry matter (brix) and sucrose content by polarisation in liquid sugar syrup (thick juice or low green). End product sugar would also be tested for sucrose by polarisation. Please contact us for more details.


The 6th workshop will be held on 21-25 May 2006 on the island of Corfu, Greece. The objective of the workshop is to exchange information and experience and bring together analysts, pesticide regulators, and other scientists from residue regulation and control agencies, research institutes, universities, private laboratories, the food industry, regulatory bodies, the agrochemical industry and analytical equipment manufacturers and suppliers. More details of this event, including the Final Programme will be published on the website:

FAPAS Customer Feedback Questionnaire (15/12/2005)

Thank you for your feedback. The questionnaire is now closed.

Experiences with Plumbosolvency Treatment (RSC/CIWEM Meeting) (07/11/2005)

8th February 2006,Severn Trent Water, Cropston Visitor Centre, Leicestershire LE7 7GB This seminar brings together experts and practitioners to review performance to date, share operational experiences and identify some of the emerging issues which need to be addressed by the Water Companies and Regulatory agencies. A not to be missed opportunity to hear direct from those involved. For further information please contact via E-mail:

New FAPAS Proficiency Tests (11/10/2005)

Due to participant demand we are pleased to inform you of two new FAPAS tests for an increased suite of illegal dyes in spices to be run in November and January. Please contact us for more details.

Enterobacteriaceae in Simulated Salad (Cucumber) (11/10/2005)

FEPAS have added Enterobacteriaceae in Salad to our list of services. This proficiency test will be run in February 2006. Please contact us for more details.

FEPAS - Using Tryptone Sulfite Neomycin (TSN) Agar (23/09/2005)

Foods contaminated with large numbers of vegetative cells of Clostridium perfringens can give rise to illness characterised by diarrhoea and abdominal pain which may be accompanied by vomiting. From previous FEPAS® assessments it was observed that laboratories using TSN agar were obtaining lower counts for Cl. perfringens compared to other laboratories that used alternative media. Due to the highly selective nature of this culture medium, the FEPAS® Advisory Committee considered that TSN agar results in lower recoveries than other media such as Tryptose Sulphite Cycloserine (TSC) agar. It was therefore concluded that TSN is inappropriate for the enumeration of Cl. perfringens.

International Food Safety Conference (06/07/2005)

NOVEL ANALYTICAL APPROACHES BEING USED IN FOOD SAFETY 26th and 27th September 2005 - Central Science Laboratory, York. Download more information here. For further details please go to the CSL website at:

New technical briefs available (26/05/2005)

The FAPAS Advisory Committee has identified some statistical documents that may be of interest to participants in all our schemes. These technical pdfs can be found on this website under AMC technical briefs on the further info tab.

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