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Food Microbiology Proficiency Test Programme

2017 to March 2018 brochure available for Food Microbiology Proficiency tests

Food Microbiology proficiency tests for 2017 to March 2018 are now available to order on line by logging into your account or by contacting your local agent. If you require more information, please contact us or browse the programmes in our new proficiency tests brochure.

Alternatively download the brochure, browse the 2017 programme, browse the January to March 2018 programme or use the search facility on this page.

Proficiency Testing for Food Microbiology. We offer a comprehensive range of food borne pathogen and spoilage organisms. Enumeration and detection tests are available.

Test materials are designed to simulate real laboratory samples - levels of target organisms and the inclusion of background flora provide a realistic challenge to your laboratory.

Find out how our proficiency testing schemes work and read our protocol.

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