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Start Date                   Analytes              Test Material               Learn More
06/11/2018 Moisture, Ash, Total Oil, Protein Pet Cat Food Learn More
20/11/2018 Veterinary Medicines Honey Learn More
26/11/2018 Salmonella Ground Pepper Learn More
26/11/2018 Escherichia coli O157 Sprouting Seeds and Lettuce Learn More
29/11/2018 Adulteration Oreganum Learn More
04/12/2018 avermectins & anthelmintics Bovine Liver Learn More
10/12/2018 Sulphur Dioxide Meat Learn More
11/12/2018 Bt11 maize, Bt176 maize, NK603 maize, MON810 maize, GA21 maize, MIR604 maize, TC1507 maize, MON863 maize, MON89034 maize, MON88017 maize, Other GM even Maize Learn More

Proficiency tests

Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality assurance and participation is an expected requirement of ISO 17025 accreditation. Fapas proficiency testing provides an independent assessment of your laboratory performance and compares your results to laboratories worldwide.

Why choose Fapas proficiency testing schemes?

Trusted PT provider since 1990, accredited to ISO 17043

Offering the widest range of analyte/matrix combinations for the food sector

Results receive rigorous statistical analysis by PT experts

Detailed confidential reports with clear feedback and method comparisons

Fast publication of the report

Multiple results submission and comprehensive charting available