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Fapas | Proficiency testing from Fera

Established in 1990, Fapas is a globally recognised provider of proficiency tests, running over 400 tests annually across an extensive range of matrices and analytes for the food and water, environmental chemistry and microbiology sectors.

Taking part in our proficiency tests provides you with the confidence in your laboratory equipment, methods and staff, and assurance that you are delivering the quality results required by your customers.

We provide our participants with a confidential service that allows you to participate at a level that suits you; there is no minimum number of proficiency tests that you must take part in each year.

Proficiency tests

Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality assurance and participation is an expected requirement of ISO 17025 accreditation. Fapas proficiency testing provides an independent assessment of your laboratory performance and compares your results to laboratories worldwide.

Why choose Fapas proficiency testing schemes?

  • Trusted PT provider since 1990, accredited to ISO 17043
  • Offering the widest range of analyte/matrix combinations for the food sector
  • Results receive rigorous statistical analysis by PT experts
  • Detailed confidential reports with clear feedback and method comparisons
  • Fast publication of the report
  • Easy result reporting through the secure area of our website