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Consultancy Services & Bespoke Proficiency Tests

Fapas Consulting Services utilise best practice industry standards to deliver quality process improvements, continuous improvements and business process improvements. These methodologies, combined with process mapping, functional trending, a variety of analyses, and the use of process metrics and controls, provide a highly effective method for improving processes in quality control.

Fapas has a deep history having authored many peer reviewed publications and technical papers in this area, our consultants apply their expertise and know-how to develop and enhance quality control systems and processes for your testing laboratory. By implementing integrated, efficient and flexible quality processes ensures that our clients are able to adjust to rapidly changing marketplaces, reduce delays and enhance customer satisfaction, encouraging collaboration with partners and customers and optimise utilisation of resources. For nearly 30 years, Fapas consultants have provided world class time-proven data-driven process improvements or processes to companies leading to high performance.

The root cause analysis is crucial to increase the speed of solving complex quality issues or, eliminating those intractable problems once and for all. Our remedial services are practical as well as effective and result in tangible results including faster production, higher quality output, increased customer satisfaction, lower cost and better execution. Training is also a cornerstone of our thinking framework and offers tools to individuals and teams that eliminate problems once and for all.

Our Process | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera

Our Process



  1. We understand your business, learn about the regulatory requirements and needs that drive your day to day testing.
  2. Working closely with you we highlight the fundamental challenges within your current testing regime from unresolved recurring issues, to quality improvements as well as identifying equipment failures and corrective action through in a deliberate, step-by step process that suspends judgment, organises information, and expertise to break down the complexities of business problems into manageable elements.
  3. Supporting you, we formulate together a manageable solution from which to achieve regulatory compliance, ensuring your results are robust and accurate, as well as being fit for purpose delivering for your long term analysis.


Our Process | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera


Fapas in Action


"I need to know if my global supplier network is proficient?"

Working with a global product manufacturer, Fapas was able to provide the business with a network-wide Proficiency Testing (PT) Programme with a dedicated Technical Account Manager to work closely with the team to devise tailor-made schemes that were specific to their customer needs. A fully comprehensive overall report was produced for the Main Quality Manager detailing the performance of their laboratories highlighting any trends or issues.

This meant that the customer was given full oversight of the performance of their laboratory network (both internal and external) and could act on the highlighted issues. Additionally, with consultancy from the Fapas Technical Manager, the customer was supported in effectively interpreting the proficiency tests results, allowing them to gain the maximum possible benefit from their investment.

With Fapas managing the fulfilment of the ordering process, this removed any additional time required when registering their laboratories and scheduling the PT schemes.

Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera



"How can you help me with my testing efforts?"

In close collaboration with a national food producer, Fapas were able to interpret their nutritional data, which had a high degree of non-compliance to identify the root cause and eliminate those recurring issues, implementing crucial corrective action.  With effective problem solving techniques, expertise and a thorough understanding of the information, Fapas were able to break down the complexities of the business problems and get to the root cause by focusing on the potential areas of immediate concern. We made use of Fapas proficiency tests to compare the fitness-for-purpose of the current nutritional testing methods and highlight any areas of improvement and form the basis of our consultancy efforts.

The current testing methods were found not to meet the strict requirements of nutritional compliance. To address this issue, Fapas recommended the sustained use of Fapas quality control samples to build an ongoing control chart, providing an effective comparison tool for their analysis efforts. Through the use of these QC samples the producers analysis methods were vastly improved, meeting the criterion required to be compliant and ensuring their foodstuffs were able to stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera



See us in action

Our detailed statistical analysis can help you improve your testing ability through marginal gains as well as core improvements.

Fapas bespoke proficiency tests can encompass bespoke reporting requirements, to help you highlight areas of interest within your current testing arrangement. This can prove invaluable when assessing return on investment for ongoing quality control activities.

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What makes us different; We only use Real World Samples*

In order to obtain better 'life-like' result we use real food samples and a protocol that has been refined over 25 years, eliminating as much as possible the unexpected. We use incurred materials in combination with established fortification techniques and extensive stability and homogeneity testing to ensure optimum material production

Making Our Standard Proficiency Testing service your own

Our Bespoke Proficiency Testing scheme is specifically designed to suit your business requirements when you need it rather than having to work around an existing scheme operational timetable, round despatch dates and reporting deadlines.

Promoting the quality and comparability in the measurement of a range of analytes in food and beverage products is essential to ensure quality, customer satisfaction and compliance with government regulations. A wide mixture of tests in food and beverage matrices is available for laboratories.

Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera

To find out more about how Fapas can be your partner with regards to improving your quality control processes, ultimately aiming to reduce your business risk and provide brand protection, please contact us.