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FAPAS | How to Order


Our improved Fapas website contains five key ways to help you choose the proficiency test you need.

We’ve worked hard to make choosing the proficiency tests you need quicker and simpler. See how it works below.

Choosing your Test

Fapas offer a range of products to fulfil your quality assurance efforts. To find these our navigation menu at the top of the page splits these clearly into reference materials, quality control materials, and proficiency tests.

Our new tile structure shows all of the analyte groups within each scheme, allowing you to easily find exactly the tests you are looking for within our extensive product range.

You can filter these tiles to show only the matrices you are interested in, helping you to find the exact materials you need to maintain your testing accuracy quickly and efficiency.

Our new Tile View


List View

List View

If you wish to browse our tests in a more traditional style, just click the list icon to switch to our list view.

Our printable list view offers the flexibility you require when deciding which test is right for you. You can fulfil your order like you would a checklist, by simply clicking the ‘add to basket’ link next to each product. This is invaluable when ordering your proficiency testing activities across your laboratories, where many decision makers may be involved.

This list can be sorted by a range of variables including start date, analyte, and matrix. This can allow you to quickly to choose your perfect proficiency testing activities across the year in one go.

List View



Learn More About Our Proficiency Tests

Our improved product pages include everything you need to know about each of our proficiency tests. With handy downloads and key specification information, you can be sure you are ordering the correct test you need.

Our related products section shows you the related blank products, which are invaluable for comparing and contrasting the results from your positive sample, as well as showcasing tests in the same distribution. This can be invaluable to ensure you achieve the breadth of proficiency testing you need to satisfy regulators, and customers, of your testing ability.

Fapas Product Pages



Simply Search


Our extensive product offering can be quickly searched on every page getting you straight to the test or material you need.


 Easy Re-ordering

What is Easy Re-ordering? The next time you log on to your Fapas account, you may notice something different. The site now remembers the items you have previously purchased over the years. Easy Re-order, makes it easy for you to reorder proficiency tests that you have previously purchased from Fapas. Easy Re-order is part of our team’s focus on helping customers save both money and time.

Easy Reordering


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