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ISO Accreditation

ISO Accreditation

All of our major proficiency testing schemes are accredited by UKAS in compliance with ISO/IEC 17043/2010, proficiency testing provider number 0009.

Fapas Accreditation CertificateView our accreditation certificate here
Fapas Scope of Accreditationand the schedule of our accreditation here.


In addition, Fera is accredited or certified to other internationally recognised standards including ISO 9001:2008.


Mass Spec Equipment


Fapas (and other proficiency testing schemes) does not award accreditation. This is the responsibility of national accreditation bodies. A list of national and international accreditation bodies can be found at

Results of proficiency testing are used by accreditation bodies as part of the process to assess the ability of laboratories to perform analytical tests for which accreditation is required.

Fapas Accreditation