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New 2018 Fapas Programme


We combine leading expertise, outstanding facilities and nearly 30 years of proficiency testing disciplines to meet the quality control challenges of today’s global food supply chains. Building on our unique ability to work across different matrices and analytes, we aim to deliver trusted robust results to improve performance, resilience and value.

We've focused on our three key areas to ensure your testing ability continues to meet your customers' demands of high quality testing to ensure regulatory requirements are met.

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Fapas 2018

Quality Control Materials

Being sure your current testing ability is fit for purpose is paramount to your laboratory success. At Fapas, we offer quality control materials for exactly this purpose.Our quality control materials use real food matrices to ensure any insights into your routine testing ability is immediately actionable, ensuring your testing ability is accurate and meets regulatory requirements.

Fapas QCs are a useful tool to mitigate bias within your testing arrangement, and should be used in partnership with ongoing proficiency testing activities.


Fapas Quality Control Materials

Proficiency Tests from Fapas

Proficiency Tests

Fapas proficiency tests form the benchmark for your quality control efforts.

Evaluating your testing methods using high quality test materials, against industry is important to ensure only high-quality testing practises are offered to your customers. Our materials challenge your methods are they would be within your routine analysis, this is due to the use of incurred residues where possible, providing timely comparisons with your current testing measures.

Your quality assurance efforts can be informed by ongoing Fapas proficiency testing measures, allowing you to maintain effective testing measures.

Fapas Proficiency Tests


Reference Materials

Reference materials from Fapas offer the tools you need to ensure your instrumentation is fit for purpose, and calibrated correctly, as well as providing a competent tool to validate new methods of analysis.

Fapas offer a significant range of different analyte matrix combinations to satisfy your requirements. All of our reference materials are accompanied by detailed datasheets with key tracability information.


Fapas Reference Materials


What to look forward to in 2018

We’ve listened to your feedback and in order to ensure Fapas continues to meet your needs we’ve added a number of new proficiency tests to ensure you continue to meet regulatory demands and offer high quality testing across a range of analyte matrix combinations.


See below just some of the new proficiency tests Fapas offer for 2018


New Fapas Products

Programme Product Code Analytes Test Material Start Date Learn More
Food Chemistry FCAL19-CON23 Fish (cod) Sauce (cooked) 19 Nov 2018 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCCM11-CCP49 Aluminium, arsenic (total), lead, cadmium, mercury (total), nickel Wheat Flour 30 May 2018 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCCM12-SEA27 Cadmium, lead, mercury (total) Seafood: Squid 10 Sep 2018 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCCM18-SUP2 Cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury (total) Food Supplement 06 Dec 2018 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCMS1-SEA20 Quarternary Ammonium Compounds (QUATs) Prawn 27 Nov 2018 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCPM2-VEG34 Named pesticides Cauliflower 05 Feb 2019 Learn More
Food Chemistry FCPM2-HON2 Separate pesticide list new PT-separate analyte list for honey Honey 08 Jan 2019 Learn More
Food Microbiology FMOD2-MRP47 Listeria monocytogenes/Listeria spp. Dry Cured Meat 02 Jul 2018 Learn More
Food Microbiology FMOE17-MRP14 Campylobacter spp. Chicken 02 Jul 2018 Learn More
Food Microbiology FMOD11-DRY18 Escherichia coli 0157 Soft Cheese 03 Sep 2018 Learn More
Food Microbiology FMOD2-PRO40 Listeria monocytogenes/Listeria spp. Ready to eat Meal (RTE) 29 Oct 2018 Learn More
Water & Environmental FWHC1-DRW1 Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) New Group 18 Hexavalent Chromium to be distributed four times per year Drinking Water 28 Apr 2018 Learn More
Water & Environmental FWPT1-EWW1 New Group 16 Phthalates to be distributed twice per year Water 19 Jun 2018 Learn More