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New | 2021/22 Fapas Programme


NEW Fapas® 2021/22 Programme Price Lists Now Available

New Fapas price list - All Programmes

Fapas® Proficiency Testing
All Programmes Price List

The PT price list is available to download here for all product types: Food and Beverage Chemistry, Food and Beverage Microbiology, GM Food (and Tobacco), Water and Environmental Chemistry, Water and Environmental Microbiology.


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New Food Chemistry Price List

Food and Beverage
Chemistry Price List

Fapas® is a market leader in food and beverage Proficiency Testing. Our range of analytes and food types is the widest available.  Multi-analyte samples ensure that our test materials provide excellent value for your laboratory budget.


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Food Microbiology Price List

Food and Beverage
Microbiology Price List

Our microbiology test materials provide a broad choice of matrix and analytes to support your accredited testing schedule. So, if you perform routine tests, or your scope includes pathogen testing, we can probably provide the tests you need.


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Genetically Modified Price List

Genetically Modified
Food Price List

Our programme for GM foods also includes material for Tobacco as well as the major GM crops of maize and soya. Test materials also include processed foods (baked product) either alone or in combination with a mixed flour matrix.


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Water & Environmental Price List

Water and Environmental
Chemistry Price List

The Fapas® Water and Environmental Chemistry programme covers a wide range of waters (drinking, surface, waste, high salinity) for chemical analysis. The unique contamination incident proficiency test simulates a real-time emergency situation.


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Water & Environmental Microbiology Price List

Water and Environmental
Microbiology Price List

With materials for drinking, bathing, swimming pool/spa and environmental waters you can find all the tests you would expect for indicator organisms and pathogens associated with water, including parasitology (Cryptosporidium and Giardia).


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Highlights of the New Tests for 2021/22

We have added 21 new PT rounds for the 2021/22 programme, not including existing products which have additional analytes included for the 2021/22 programme.  We have included a CBD oil for the analysis of pesticides and a baby food sample (vegetable based) for the quantification of low-level cadmium, lead and total arsenic.

Programme Item Code Test Material Analytes Start Date Learn More
Food Chemistry


Vegetable Purée (Root Vegetables) cadmium, lead, arsenic (total) and mercury (total) (all natural/low levels) 14/06/2021 Learn More
Food Microbiology M265e24 Ready To Eat (RTE) Meal Aerobic Plate Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms and Escherichia coli (Enumeration) 28/06/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 25201 Cheese moisture, ash, total fat, nitrogen, sodium, chloride & starch 29/06/2021 Learn More
Food Microbiology


Swab (Sponge) Aerobic Plate Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coagulase Positive Staphylococci and Escherichia coli   (Enumeration) 26/07/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 07408 Baby Food (Vegetable Based) arsenic (total), cadmium & lead (all low levels) 09/08/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 06102 Infant Formula dioxins and PCBs 12/08/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 27304 Infant Formula (Hydrolysed) milk (casein and BLG) 26/08/2021 Learn More
Food Microbiology M268e24 Fish Aerobic Plate Count, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms and Escherichia coli (Enumeration) 20/09/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 19322 Tomato Purée single residue monitoring (see page 30 for potential residues) 04/10/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 3302 CBD Product (Oil Based) Cannabidiol 05/10/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 06110 CBD Product (Oil Based) PAHs (including PAH4 sum) 11/10/2021 Learn More
Food Microbiology M269e27 Spice Bacillus spp. and Moulds (Enumeration) 25/10/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 2495 Baby Food (Cereal Based) moisture, ash, total fat, nitrogen, dietary fibre, starch, sodium & chloride 28/10/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 07431 CBD Product (Oil Based) arsenic (total) cadmium, lead & mercury (total) 29/10/2021 Learn More
Food Microbiology M270d072 Peanut (Ground) Salmonella spp. (Detection) 29/11/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 06106 Cod Liver Oil brominated flame retardants 09/12/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 20190 Sweets (Gum-based) fructose, glucose & sucrose 10/12/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 14244 Olive Oil detection of adulteration 13/12/2021 Learn More
Food Chemistry 05158 CBD Product (Oil Based) pesticide residues (multi-residue) 02/02/2022 Learn More
Food Chemistry 25208 Yoghurt ash, total fat, nitrogen, pH, titratable acidity, & total sugars 08/02/2022 Learn More
Food Chemistry 19332 Tea (Herbal)

pesticide residues (tea matrix) [multi-residue methods] including perchlorate [single-residue methods]

03/03/2022 Learn More