Pesticide Residues (single residues) in Oats Quality Control Material

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Chlormequat, Mepiquat, Glyphosate

Approx. Size

100 g

Pesticide Residues command accurate testing capabilities to satisfy regulators that these residues are in low levels across a large amount of foodstuffs. To achieve this strong quality control processes must be utilised. Quality control materials are used as an effective tool from which to verify testing equipment, detect and mitigate any defective processes and ensure accurate testing capabilities across a long timescale.

Both chlormequat and mepiquat are plant growth regulators, with glyphosate being a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide used routinely across the world.  Glyphosate is of key interest to the market at the moment as the regulators decide how to proceed with the use of the herbicide and whether it should indeed be banned from 2017. Testing proficiency is therefore needed to take advantage of this potential regulation change, where a large section of the global food supply chain would be affected.

Fapas utilise real food samples within their test materials, and by extension quality control materials to ensure strong and accurate comparisons can be made to inform any quality control decisions you may need to take. Detecting and mitigating the risk of low quality testing is of high importance when detecting banned substances, and as such quality control materials can prove invaluable as part of effective quality control processes benchmarked through strong proficiency testing measures.