Acrylamide in Infant Biscuits

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Food processing can itself produce contaminants due to chemical reactions. One of these processing contaminants is Acrylamide which is formed at high temperature in starch rich foods such as biscuits. It is a potential carcinogen and, although maximum limits in foods are not legislated, monitoring is still routine in the industry.

Fapas proficiency tests utilise real food samples to provide as close to true routine testing environments to provide useful comparisons between your proficiency tests and routine testing capabilities. This gives you the confidence to make key decisions with quality control and continuous improvement of your testing capabilities.

Infant biscuits account for a vast number of snacks consumed by babies in western markets. As such effective testing practises are required to highlight any high levels of Acrylamide within these foodstuffs. This is required to safeguard product quality and protect consumers from potentially unsafe levels of this contaminant. Ineffective testing does have large financial implications, especially when instances of bias are apparent such as over reporting contaminant levels. As such it is key to reduce these risks through effective quality assurance programmes.