Alcohol in Beverage Halal Compliance Quality Control Material

This quality control material is specifically for the analysis of low levels of alcohol in a non-alcoholic beverage. This will be of interest to laboratories involved in Halal compliance testing or similar requirements. Through the use of Fapas test materials, your testing ability can be critiqued, with the view of improving or maintaining the accuracy of your results.

This tests the detection capability of extremely low levels of alcohol in a beverage. The importance of protecting consumers from low quality or incorrectly labelled foodstuffs cannot be underestimated.

Detecting levels of alcohol within foodstuffs can highlight the quality of foodstuffs and beverages, by highlighting issues such as fermentation among others.

Fapas quality control materials utilise real food matrices to provide the same challenges your laboratories may face within their routine analysis activities. This provides directly comparable test results as a consequence, from which direct, concise improvements can be identified and therefore actioned in a timely manner.

Fapas quality control materials can be used across a range of quality assurance activities, such as staff training exercises as well as other activities to highlight and remove bias.