Authenticity of Oreganum spp. Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Herb (Origanum spp.)



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3 x 7 g


Three Origanum spp. test materials that may or may not be adulterated with other herb or non-herb leaves. Suitable for both microscopy and FT-IR methods.

Deliberate food adulteration for economic gain is increasing, with high profile issues making national or international news. There is now a greater emphasis on authenticity testing with a number of international projects addressing the analytical problems. The Fapas authenticity and adulteration proficiency tests allow laboratories to assess their detection capability for undeclared high level substitutions.

This proficiency test allows you to improve your processes in this area, and maintain a high level of testing across Oreganum spp. matrices.

Oregano has a track record of being regularly adulterated, with numerous media sources reporting various percentages of dried oregano being adulterated, some reporting up to 25%. This high level of food fraud presents a large issue for food regulators and therefore an opportunity for testing labs to demonstrate their effective testing capabilities and win business in a growing adulteration detection sector.

Proficiency testing can form the basis of this effective testing proof, but also as a foundation from which to build on any testing improvements that may be highlighted.