Chemical Contamination Incident in Drinking Water Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test





Chemical Contamination Incident (organics, physicals, metals, gross alpha & beta radioactivity)

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3 x 1 litre + 250 ml + blanks + 500 ml


This programme is aimed at testing the capabilities of a laboratory to analyse a completely unknown chemically contaminated potable water sample on an emergency short-term rapid screening basis. Please contact us for more details on this test.

The primary function of this scheme is to test the ability of your laboratory to analyse chemical samples for unknown contaminants from a simulated drinking water contamination incident.

In the event of a drinking water contamination incident, a laboratory will be called upon to rapidly identify any contaminants present often with very little information as to the source of contamination.  Thankfully contamination incidents are rare events, however, past experiences have clearly shown that when they do occur they have two major implications for water companies.  The first is financial and the second is that of public health.  Whilst financial loss can be great, it is the public health concerns that tend to continue for many years after the event.

Within this proficiency test your laboratory must rapidly identify the chemical contaminants present. From this exercise you can highlight any areas of improvement within your current water analysis activities. This can be through testing accuracy, but also the flexibility of your testing arrangement, as well as speed of analysis. All of these are factors which must be evaluated to ensure your laboratory is fit for purpose and able to respond effectively to a contamination incident.