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Test Description

The advantages of processed cheese, such as lower cost and longer shelf-life have led to mass-production of this foodstuff. With mass production comes a global supply chain and increased risk of contamination, therefore effective testing capabilities are required.

Fapas Proficiency Tests are key to providing an effective benchmark, using real food samples to provide as close to true results as possible, to simulate the routine testing your laboratory will experience on a day to day basis.

Pesticide residues are regulated in many countries and for many commodities, with maximum residue limits set within EU and other legislation. Pesticide residues can translocate across the food chain and into animal products. This proficiency test is for laboratories analysing fat-soluble pesticide residues in animal products and plant-derived fats or oils.

Pesticide residues (fat soluble) analysis, with a number of residues present from a list of possible target compounds. This proficiency test requires identification and quantification of the analytes.

Chlorates have a large effect on our foodstuffs, due to their effective pesticide characteristics of improving yield through preventing spoilage and therefore increasing the quality of crop. Chlorate residues are found in a large number of foodstuffs due to their uses within food processing as well as primary production. Hence effective and proficiency food testing across a number of matrices is important to provide accurate testing within these foodstuffs.

A blank material is also available for this proficiency testing - further details can be found here

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