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Product Specification

Not available.

Test Description

Infant formula is consumed by infants within a critical development phase of their lives. This therefore requires extensive guarantees of the high quality, non-contaminated nature of their foodstuffs. 

However low levels of organism may survive the manufacturing process and remain in the final product, which if not handled correctly by the consumer could grow to high levels in rehydrated product if not prepared and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This proficiency test addresses the ability of the participants to identify the presence or the absence of some key hygiene indicators such as the highlighted above target organisms in 10 g sample.

The Escherichia coli test doesn’t include any toxin producing, or specifically pathogenic strains, of this organism, and so can be used by routine laboratories to carry out enumeration of E. coli as a key hygiene test for faecal contamination.

The total coliform test provided in this product includes faecal Coliforms and can be used alongside the Enterobacteriaceae and E. coli enumerations to indicate the risk that faecal pathogens could be present in the food.

This proficiency test is qualitative test and the participants will be able to submit result for the desired tests or for all target microorganisms.

This product is suitable for routine laboratory performance check as well as verification of standardised method or validation of a new laboratory method.

Unlike some providers, this material is created with a real matrix in order to get as close as possible to a real testing challenge.

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