Escherichia coli O157:H7 Detection in Flour

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Escherichia coli O157

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The E.coli O157 strain used is atoxigenic (does not produce a toxin.) It has eae genes but the genes for VT1/VT2,(STX1/STX2) are absent.

Microbiological contamination of food can cause a range of sickness symptoms, the most extreme of which can result in hospitalisation, contamination can also cause food spoilage. Contamination can result from raw ingredients, poor sanitation or hygiene practices, or inappropriate storage conditions. Our Food Microbiology proficiency test samples combine the test organisms into real food matrices or swabs, together with background flora to fully represent real-world samples.

E. coli is a well-known pathogen from which food poisoning symptoms result. Enjoying a large amount of consumer interest, effective testing is required to highlight areas of potentially unsafe levels of E. coli contamination across a range of foodstuffs.

Flour is used within a wealth of different processed foodstuffs, as well as being sold as an individual product in its own right. As such there is a great demand globally for numerous flour varieties. The supply of flour is informed by crop production, and as such is seasonal. This creates storage challenges for many producers and manufacturers to satisfy demand throughout the year. Poor storage practices can result in excessive mycotoxin contamination, leading to low quality, potentially unsafe foodstuffs being offered to consumers.

To maintain consumer safety and highlight any potentially unsafe products being offered to consumers your effective testing practises are required. To safeguard these Fapas proficiency tests can help you to highlight any areas of improvement across a range of real food samples, from which to achieve high quality, future-proofed testing ability for your customers to enjoy.

Fapas proficiency tests can form the basis of your quality assurance programmes, from which to make these concise improvements in a cost and time effective manner.