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Test Description

Red Rice Yeast is a popular food for health concious consumers due to it's demonstrated ability to lower LDL cholesterol. The product is created by the fermentation of a yeast, typically Monascus purpureus on rice, which produces monacolin K, structurally identical to the prescription medicine Lovastatin.

However, the product can also be contaminated by citrinin, a mycotoxin which can have nephrotoxic, hepatotoxic and cytotoxic effects. In a study (2021) perfomed on 37 samples of different products, all were found to be contaminated with citrinin, and only one of these was found to be compliant with the current EU MRL of 100 ug/kg

It is clear that greater levels of testing must be carried out to prevent contaminated product causing potential harm to consumers. Participation in proficiency testing can help demonstrate your testing is able to accurately quantify citrinin in red rice yeast, and therefore detect non-conforming product when it is tested. 

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