Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 in Vegetable Oil Proficiency Test


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size


Vegetable Oil

40 ml


Vitamin A, Vitamin D3

Test Description

Vitamins, in the correct amounts, are vital for human health. Each vitamin has a different function in the human body. Manufacturers need to be confident in the vitamin declaration they make on their products to meet legislation and for consumer confidence. The analysis of different vitamins in foods requires different methods for an accurate determination.

Manufacturers must be held accountable for any nutritional claims they make within their products, it is therefore vital that your testing laboratory ensures high quality testing across a range food matrices. The use of real food matrices within Fapas proficiency tests provides you with directly comparable results to your routine analysis, from which to highlight areas of improvement across your entire testing arrangement.

Vegetable-based oils are used within a wide range of cooking processes and as such can be consumed in a wide range of forms. This makes vegetable and most other oils by extension subject to rigorous regulations, to provide high quality produce to the consumer and negate any food adulteration risks from this potentially expensive product.

Vegetable oils can also cause a range of challenges for food testing labs. This is due to the potentially complex nature when oil blends and large scale production occur. Within a growing global population this trend of large scale production is sure to continue and as such accurate testing will continue to be required to identify any low quality produce.

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