Bacillus cereus & Coagulase Positive Staphylococci (Enumeration) in Ready to Eat (RTE) Meal Proficiency Test

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Product Specification

Proficiency Test Information
Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size


Ready To Eat (RTE) Meal

equivalent to 10 g


Bacillus cereus, Coagulase Positive Staphylococci


Enumeration Test

Test Description

Food poisoning by coagulase positive staphylococci is under-reported due to its short duration but great number of cases typically occur in the summer when improperly stored food is exposed to warm temperature. Most domestic animals as well as human nose and skin harbour these toxin producing microorganisms, which makes cross contamination very easy.

RTE meals enjoy growing demand across the globe. This can however, have detrimental effects on the safety of foodstuffs being offered to consumers. Due to the nature of RTE meals, storage conditions have an extensive impact on the potential bacterial contamination of the product. Therefore, effective testing practices are required to highlight any poor storage or food handling practices which may promote Listeria contamination within these processed products.


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