Heavy Metals in Milk Powder Reference Material


Product Specification

Product Code Material Matrix Approx. Size


Milk Powder



Arsenic (total), Cadmium, Lead, Mercury (total)

Validity Date


Test Description

The presence of metals in food is of particular concern due to their toxicity. These naturally occurring chemicals can occur as residues in food by a range of mechanisms such as their natural presence in the environment or contamination during food processing and storage. Their accumulation in the body can lead to harmful effects over time and their presence in foodstuffs is strictly regulated.

Heavy, toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are often found in food, either as a natural contaminant or a contaminant from production.

Within this reference material, the heavy metals Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury are analytes. This allows your laboratory to measure its performance for any unsafe levels of these contaminants within milk powder within one screening test. This allows you to gain a real insight into your current testing bias, such as highlighting false positives which may cost manufacturers large amounts of money when addressing this issue. Fapas reference materials are ideal for method validation as well as within standardisation practices such as staff training and instrumentation calibration.

Milk powder can be a potential high risk matrix for heavy metal contamination. This could be through the drying process required or any potential packaging migration issues. Fapas proficiency tests allow you to highlight this potential contamination in a controlled setting from which to promote high quality testing standards across your laboratory.

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