Herbicides in Grapefruit Purée Blank Material

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Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size


Blank Grapefruit Purée

90 g


Blank Material


This round cannot be purchased on its own, it is only available in conjunction with the similarly numbered pesticide residue round.

Test Description

This blank material is ideal to ensure effective calibration curves are created. This can ensure only high quality test results are found. Blank materials from Fapas are ideal for ensuring matrix matching takes place. By using blank materials as close to positive test samples as possible the matrix effect is dramatically reduced.

Blank materials from Fapas make use of real food matrices to provide the key insights into your routine testing abilities you require. These can be used to maintain the level of accuracy required to satisfy both your customers and regulators of your testing capabilities.

Most countries now have an extensive monitoring scheme for pesticide residues written into their legislation. There are more than 1000 compounds used worldwide as pesticides or plant protection products. When used properly, according to good agricultural practice, any residues can be expected to be below maximum residue limits. The Fapas pesticide residues proficiency tests are based on the EU monitoring list and associated MRLs but are widely applicable to most geographic areas. 

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