Inorganic Disinfection By-products In Drinking Water Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test





Bromide, Bromate, Chlorite, Chlorate

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125 ml


Test material supplied is a standard solution in deionised water.

The quality of drinking water is highly regulated across the world. Chemical contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides might have long-term health implications. Other chemical contaminants are indicators of environmental pollution at source. Fapas Drinking Water proficiency tests provide whole volume drinking water samples with a wide range of routine and non-routine chemical components.

This proficiency test evaluates your testing ability for Inorganic Disinfection By-products from which to highlight areas of improvement within your current testing solution.

Water is integral to life and industry. As such there is a key interest in maintaining the high quality testing ability required to ensure only safe drinking water is exposed to industry and consumers.

Bromate, Bromide, Chlorate and Chloride are all analytes in this test which may be tested for within this proficiency test. They can be described as Inorganic Disinfection By-Products, this is owing to their role within water treatment and maintaining safe water supplies from water treatment to consumer.

High numbers of these compounds can indicate the strength of the water treatment required, as well as an indicator if the water is safe to use. These by-products are safe in low numbers, yet should be effectively tested to ensure only high quality drinking water.

Fapas proficiency testing measures can highlight any improvements that may be required, as well as informing any subsequent quality assurance activities. Fapas proficiency testing measures can challenge your testing activities in much the same as routine analysis, therefore providing direct comparisons from which to ensure your results are highly credible and repeatable.