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Animal products for human consumption are tightly legislated and closely monitored for compliance. Veterinary medicines used in animals are likely to have a pharmacological effect in humans. Hence, for many veterinary medicines, there are extremely low maximum residue limits or even no MRL (i.e. any detection is non-compliant). The Fapas proficiency test materials are produced in keeping with EU MRLs or minimum required performance limit (MRPL) where MRLs are not set. The result reporting requirements are also in keeping with quality control guidelines laid out in EC/657/2002.

Chicken Muscle is an important area to take into account when highlighting potentially high levels of veterinary medicines in livestock. This is due to the role the kidney muscle plays within the body and the fact that it is so widely consumed. and the potentially high levels of residues which may build up through poor production practises.

Veterinary medicines are used across a range of livestock groups. They can safeguard against disease which would affect both the quality and quantity offered to the consumers, resulting in less financial reward for the producers.

It is important however to ensure that excessive levels of veterinary medicines are not used across livestock, as this can have a detrimental effect on the wider environment as well as proving potentially harmful if ingested by consumers in large enough quantities.

Quality control materials are the perfect way to track your progress against a control. Utilising this as a quality control material can give an ideal platform from which to compare results across a range of operating conditions to track your changes over time. All with the goal of a long-term improved testing ability.

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