Nutritional Components in Canned Meat Meal Quality Control

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Product Specification

QC/RM information
Product Code Material Matrix Approx. Size


Canned Meat Meal



Total Fat, Saturated Fatty Acids, Total Sugars, Salt

Validity Date


Test Description

As nutritional legislation increases, the proficiency of laboratories to provide accurate results to food manufacturers for labelling is critical, to help consumers make informed choices about the food they eat. Fapas can aid your efforts and offers the widest range of analyte/matrix proficiency test combinations for the food sector.

These meat based meals continue to grow in popularity as consumers have less time to cook from raw ingredients. Therefore increasingly effective testing is needed to provide accurate results for both consumer choice and product safety. 

This meat based meal is part of Fapas' commitment to real food matrices and as such contains sauces and other culinary additions to the sample, challenging your laboratory to react to deal with the real life testing situations that will inevitably occur within routine day-to-day testing.

By using Fapas quality control materials effectively you can mitigate these risks and build a strong reputation of effective testing capabilities across prawns and a range of analytes, as well as other analyte matrix combinations.

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