Nutritional Components in Pet Cat Food (Wet) Proficiency Test

We can all appreciate the increasing pressure now placed on pet food manufacturers to focus on the quality of pet feed, in particular those for companion animals dogs and cats, in order to meet the changing demands of pet owners. As we all know cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements to people and they need to be fed a specially formulated diet made up of all the right nutrients in the right proportions for healthy body function.

Within this proficiency test your compliance with labelling and appropriate nutritional content for moisture, ash, total oil and protein can be evaluated.

Pet food plays a vital role in satisfying the nutritional requirements of pets, as such it is imperative consumers have all the correct information they require to make well-informed purchasing decisions. To achieve this it is imperative that accurate testing practices are undertaken.

To maintain these accurate testing practices activities such as proficiency testing should be utilised as part of a wider, well-designed quality assurance programme. Fapas proficiency tests make use of real food matrices to highlight areas of improvement quickly and concisely. This is achieved through the direct comparisons with your routine analysis that are unlocked through real food test materials.

Fapas proficiency tests provide high quality insights into your testing practice, forming statistical data insights into your testing arrangement, highlighting any areas of bias you may have, allowing you to plan your quality assurance activities accordingly.