Oxygen Demand in Waste Water Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test





Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), 5 day, Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

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20 ml


Test material is a spiking concentrate, in deionised water, for dilution with lab's own deionised water.

The drinking water industry is highly regulated across the world. There is a related responsibility to ensure that waste water is effectively treated to reduce environmental pollution. Fapas waste water proficiency test samples replicate those used to test for potential environmental contamination, covering a wide range of determinants. These include standard oxygen demand and physical parameters as well as trace metals and nutrients.

Oxygen demand in waste water is a useful measure of the overall environmental quality of waste water, which can form the basis of subsequent tests that may be required within your routine analysis.  As such it is imperative to ensure your testing practices are accurate and meet the high quality testing standards required by your customers and regulators.

The management of waste water is important to ensure there is a low risk of waterborne disease being passed to the consumer. As such it is important to highlight any improvements within your testing process, to inform management of waste water systems accurately and with credible information.

Fapas proficiency testing measures can highlight any improvements that may be required, as well as informing any subsequent quality assurance activities. Fapas proficiency testing measures can challenge your testing activitis in much the same as routine analysis, therefore providing direct comparisons from which to ensure your results are highly credible and repeatable.