Pesticide Residues and PCBs in Infant Formula Quality Control Material

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Infant Formula


DDD-pp (TDE), DDE-pp, HCB (hexachlorobenzene), HCH-B (beta hexachlorocyclohexane), HCH-G (gamma hexachlorocyclohexane / lindane), PCB 52, PCB 138

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Organic contaminantss are regulated in many countries and for many commodities, with maximum residue limits set within EU and other legislation.  Contaminants can translocate across the food chain and into animal products destined for human consumption.

Pesticide residues (fat soluble) analysis, with a number of residues present from a list of possible target compounds. This quality control material requires identification and quantification of the analytes.

Infant formula requires extensive guarantees of high quality and safety, due to the vulnerability of the young babies and infants that may rely entirely on formula for their nutrition. Proficiency Testing should be utilised in the laboratory in order to demonstrate the analysis carried out is at the required standard.

To ensure compliance with the regulations, effective and accurate testing is required, which can be maintained or achieved through the use of appropriate QC materials and Proficiency Testing.