Polyhalogenated Compounds in Pork

Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, dibenzofurans and coplanar polychlorinated biphenyls are a group of polyhalogenated organic compounds that are significant environmental pollutants.  They have received much worldwide concern due to their presence and toxicity. It is therefore important to highlight areas of improvement within your current testing arrangement to ensure potentially high levels of these compounds are highlighted and quantified.

Pork is consumed in large quantities across the globe, this can result in excessive strain to supply chains to meet this demand. This can, in turn, lead to contamination across stock, causing negative financial impacts as well as reducing consumer safety in products.

To maintain consumer safety and highlight any potentially unsafe products being offered to consumers your effective testing practises are required. To safeguard these, Fapas proficiency tests can help you to highlight any areas of improvement across a range of real food samples, from which to achieve high quality, future-proofed testing ability for your customers to enjoy.

Fapas proficiency tests can form the basis of your quality assurance programmes, from which to make these concise improvements in a cost and time effective manner.