Salmonella spp. Detection in Egg Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Dried Egg


Salmonella spp.

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equivalent to 2 x 25 g


Detection Test

This qualitative proficiency test looks at the detection of the pathogen Salmonella in dried egg matrix.

Microbiological contamination of food can cause a range of sickness symptoms, the most extreme of which can result in hospitalisation, contamination can also cause food spoilage. Contamination can result from raw ingredients, poor sanitation or hygiene practices, or inappropriate storage conditions. Our Food Microbiology proficiency test samples combine the test organisms into real food matrices or swabs, together with background flora to fully represent real-world samples.

The pathogen Salmonella creates a large degree of media coverage worldwide, due to its role in food poisoning. Due to the severe effects, this bacterium must have effective and accurate detection methods which are key to protecting not just the consumer, but also manufacturers' supply chains. To promote accurate testing Fapas proficiency tests accurately simulate real world routine tests, from which to benchmark your laboratories' testing capability, identify areas of improvement, and improve quality control processes.

Salmonella in poultry products has facilitated an increased amount of public awareness and therefore scrutiny. Fapas proficiency tests are one of the fundamental tools needed to begin to alleviate these risks to the consumer and maintain results which stand up to indepth scrutiny.