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Product Specification

Not available.

Test Description

This proficiency test will evaluate your testing ability for Total Cyanide within drinking water. This can be used to inform your wider quality control activities from which to maintain only high quality testing activities.

The quality of drinking water is highly regulated across the world. Chemical contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides might have long-term health implications. Other chemical contaminants are indicators of environmental pollution at source. Fapas drinking water proficiency tests provide whole volume drinking water samples with a wide range of routine and non-routine chemical components.

Your testing ability for cyanide within drinking water is vital to ensure only safe levels  are present in drinking water. Salts and minerals within drinking water can be found in various places, especially through rock deposits through erosion.

Fapas proficiency tests challenge your labs within a testing environment similar to your routine testing set up. This can therefore provide immediate insights into your testing arrangement, and allow you to highlight any areas of improvement across a range of factors quickly and efficiently to ensure only high quality test results are offered to your customers.

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