Veterinary Drugs in Bovine Urine Blank Quality Control Material

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Blank Bovine Urine


Blank Material

Approx. Size

25 ml

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This blank quality control material is complementary to the synthetic hormones in bovine urine QC sample.

Animal products for human consumption are tightly legislated and closely monitored for compliance. Veterinary medicines used in animals are likely to have a pharmacological effect in humans. Hence, for many veterinary medicines, there are extremely low maximum residue limits or even no MRL (i.e. any detection is non-compliant). The Fapas quality control materials are produced in keeping with EU MRLs or minimum required performance limit (MRPL) where MRLs are not set.

The result reporting requirements are also in keeping with quality control guidelines laid out in EC/657/2002. Fapas veterinary medicine quality control materials include incurred residues, as well as fortified animal products, and are suitable for all methods, including screening methods (for the detection of the total amount of that chemical class). This blank material is made from the same source as the positive material. As such it provides the perfect match for your analysis, giving the same responses as seen in the positive material.

This blank material is ideal to ensure effective calibration curves are created. This can ensure only high quality test results are found. Blank materials from Fapas are ideal for ensuring matrix matching takes place. By using blank materials as close to positive test samples as possible the matrix effect is dramatically reduced.

Blank materials from Fapas make use of real food matrices to provide the key insights into your routine testing abilities you require. These can be used to maintain the level of accuracy required to satisfy both your customers and regulators of your testing capabilities.