Wine Quality Indicators in Wine Proficiency Test

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wine quality indicators
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3 x (4 x 250 ml)

When assessing wine quality an extensive amount of analysis is required. This can include a range of metals analysis, as well as nutritional elements, alcohol levels and congeners.

As a result, this proficiency test is designed to effectively challenge your current testing abilities across a full range of analytical techniques. Through these challenging test materials, key insights into your testing practices can be highlighted, to further maintain your test ability across a range of testing environments.

The continued consumption of wine across the globe has resulted in fierce competition between wine producers, with quality continuing to be a deciding factor of economic success. As a result, your testing ability across quality indicators provides valuable data for your customers when meeting their key strategic objectives.

Fapas proficiency tests can help clarify and evaluate your testing processes, highlighting areas of potential improvement or areas in which your testing arrangement excels. Through the use of real food matrices, our proficiency tests are even more comparable to your routine testing results when contrasted with synthetic test materials, which may not offer the same challenges real food samples may offer within your testing practice.