Yeast and Moulds Enumeration in Flour Proficiency Test


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size



equivalent to 10 g


Yeasts & Moulds (sum of)


This proficiency test is for the enumeration of the sum of yeast and moulds.

Test Description

This quantitative proficiency test allows you to evaluate your ability to test for the enumeration of Yeasts and moulds in flour.

Microbiological contamination of food can cause a range of sickness symptoms, the most extreme of which can result in hospitalisation, contamination can also cause food spoilage. Contamination can result from raw ingredients, poor sanitation or hygiene practices, or inappropriate storage conditions.

Yeasts and moulds can form due to poor storage practises, which can be rife across a global and complex supply chain. As such your testing ability must be accurate and of high quality, as well as providing this to your customers and regulators alike.

Flour is consumed globally as part of a wide range of processed foods, as well as an individual product. This global supply chain can give rise to poor storage practises, which gives rise to yeasts and mould contamination, leading to low quality and potentially unsafe consumer products.

Proficiency testing activities from Fapas can highlight areas of improvement from which to achieve the high quality testing abilities required to provide the testing ability regulators and your customers expect. Fapas Food Microbiology proficiency test samples combine the test organisms into real food matrices or swabs, together with background flora to fully represent real-world samples.

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