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Code Product Code Item Code Start Date Group Matrix Analytes
Pesticide Residues in Honey Proficiency Test FCPM8-HON2 19304 11/01/2021 Proficiency Test Honey pesticide residues (honey matrix) [multi-residue] £199.00
Pesticide Residues in Honey Blank Material BLPM8-HON1 19304b 11/01/2021 Proficiency Test Blank Honey BLANK for pesticide residues (honey matrix) [multi-residue](BLPM8) £63.00
Veterinary Medicines in Honey Proficiency Test FCVD14-HON2 02416 07/12/2020 Proficiency Test Honey nitroimidazoles & aminoglycosides (streptomycin & dihydrostreptomycin) £258.00
Tetracyclines & Macrolides in Honey Blank Material BLVD27-HON1 02420b 19/01/2021 Proficiency Test Blank Honey BLANK for tetracyclines & macrolides (BLVD27) £78.00
Tetracyclines & Macrolides in Honey Proficiency Test FCVD27-HON2 02420 19/01/2021 Proficiency Test Honey tetracyclines & macrolides £258.00
Quality of Honey Proficiency Test FCQH3-HON2 2848 09/03/2021 Proficiency Test Honey moisture, fructose, glucose, sucrose, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), diastase & free acid £196.00
Veterinary Medicines in Honey Blank Material BLVD14-HON1 02416b 07/12/2020 Proficiency Test Blank Honey BLANK for nitroimidazoles & aminoglycosides (BLVD14) £78.00
Quality of Honey Proficiency Test FCQH1-HON2 2847 03/11/2020 Proficiency Test Honey fructose, glucose, sucrose, hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), diastase, electrical conductivity, lead (Pb) & pH £196.00
Nitrofurans in Honey Proficiency Test FCVD12-HON2 02421 19/01/2021 Proficiency Test Honey nitrofuran metabolites £258.00