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Code Product Code Item Code Start Date Group Matrix Analytes
Animal Feed Blank Material BLPM2-AFE4 09134b 14/10/2020 Proficiency Test Blank Animal Feed BLANK for pesticide residues (multi-residue) (BLPM2) £63.00
Mycotoxins in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCMF2-AFE1 22175 16/09/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZON), T-2 & HT-2 toxins & as a sum of T-2 & HT-2 toxins £297.00
Pesticide Residues (mutli-residues) in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCPM2-AFE1 09134 14/10/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed pesticide residues (multi-residue) £199.00
Nutritional Components in Dairy Ration Proficiency Test FCNC20-AFE7 10175 19/03/2021 Proficiency Test Dairy Ration moisture, ash, total oil, protein, crude fibre, iron, magnesium, manganese & selenium £365.00
Coccidiostats & Chloramphenicol in Poultry Feed Proficiency Test FCVD8-AFE15 02411 02/10/2020 Proficiency Test Poultry Feed coccidiostats & chloramphenicol (contaminant levels) £258.00
Aflatoxins in Cereal Based Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCMA2-AFE2 04397 15/10/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed (Cereal Based) aflatoxins B & G &/or total £196.00
Nutritional Components of Soybean Meal Proficiency Test FCNC7-AFE20 10171 17/09/2020 Proficiency Test Soybean meal moisture, ash, protein & crude fibre £202.00
Nutritional Components in Poultry Ration Proficiency Test FCNC21-AFE16 10173 04/12/2020 Proficiency Test Poultry Ration moisture, ash, total oil, protein, crude fibre, starch, total sugars, calcium & phosphorus £365.00
Nutritional Elements in Animal Feed Premix Proficiency Test FCNE5-AFE17 10174 28/01/2021 Proficiency Test Premix calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium & zinc £202.00
Heavy Metals in Animal feed Proficiency Test FCCM30-AFE1 07385 26/11/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed arsenic (total), cadmium, lead, mercury (total), nickel (all natural/low levels) £200.00
GM Events in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FGM3-AFE1 GeMMP38 19/03/2021 Proficiency Test Animal Feed Maize & Soya £320.00
Ochratoxin A in Animal Feed Proficiency Test FCMO1-AFE1 17207 13/11/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed ochratoxin A £196.00
Mycotoxins in Animal Feed (Cereal Based) Proficiency Test FCMM5-AFE2 04402 04/12/2020 Proficiency Test Animal Feed (Cereal Based) contamination of matrix with two or more from the following list: aflatoxin B1, OTA, ZON, DON, FB1 & FB2 & total fumonisins (as a sum of FB1 & FB2) £340.00