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Food Additives and Ingredients in Sugar Confectionery Proficiency Test FCFA20-CON17 20185 15/07/2021 Proficiency Test Sugar Confectionery (Boiled Sweets) colours, a selection from the following list: Allura Red, Brilliant Blue FCF, Carmoisine, Erythrosine, Green S, Indigo Carmine, Patent Blue V, Ponceau 4R, Quinoline Yellow, Sunset Yellow FCF, Tartrazine £204.00
Aflatoxins in Peanut Butter Proficiency Test FCMA2-CON12 04429 23/11/2021 Proficiency Test Peanut Butter (Water Slurry) aflatoxins B & G &/or total £202.00
Aflatoxins in Peanut Butter Quality Control Material FCMA2-CON12QC T04401QC N/A Quality Control Material Peanut Butter (Water Slurry) £56.00