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Technical Documentation



These protocols are a series of inter-related documents which set out an overview of, and the principles common to, all of the proficiency testing schemes provided by Fapas® as well as subsequent parts give scheme specific details.


Protocol part 1: General Fapas®
[English] [Espanol]

Protocol part 2: Food Chemistry
[English] [Espanol]

Protocol part 3: Food Microbiology
[English] [Espanol]

Protocol part 4: GM
[English] [Espanol]

Protocol part 5: Water & Environmental
[English] [Espanol]

Fapas Equipment

Other Technical Documents


Our other technical documents include safety sheets and preparation instructions for our food microbiology proficiency tests as well as our terms and conditions for Fapas® proficiency tests.

Example Report

On line results submission instructions:
[English] [Espanol]

Multi-Results Submission Guidance 

Charting Guidance (how to use)

Charting Guidance (technical note)


Food Microbiology safety data sheet:
[English] [Espanol]

Food Microbiology preparation instructions:
[English] [Espanol]


Water Microbiology safety sheet

Terms & Conditions

Fapas Microbiology