Aflatoxins in Hazelnut Quality Control Material


Product Specification

Product Code Material Matrix Approx. Size


Hazelnut (Water/Nut Slurry)



Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, Aflatoxin G1, Aflatoxin G2, Aflatoxins (total), Ochratoxin A

Validity Date


Test Description

Due to the high levels of aflatoxins which can be found internationally in commercially available nut based foodstuffs, Fapas includes this hazelnut based test material. The quality control material is provided in a slurry format, which is a blend of both water and milled hazelnuts.

Aflatoxins are specific mycotoxins caused by Aspergillus species of fungi. It is crucial for effective testing practices to be utilised to accurately identify this mycotoxin group from which to form mitigation and control strategies within an ever increasing global supply chain.

Hazelnuts and nuts in general continue to enjoy growing consumption worldwide, adding pressure on global supply chains to satisfy this ever increasing demand. This can lead to poor storage practices and other contributing factors to high levels of aflatoxins within Hazelnuts.

Quality control process can help you maintain high quality testing across your laboratory by standardising laboratory practices and removing unconscious bias through instrument calibration. Fapas quality controls are directly comparable to your real life testing activities, and as such can reduce the time taken to act when addressing key testing issues.

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