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Bespoke Proficiency Tests from Fapas


Bespoke schemes from Fapas give customers a variety of ways of commissioning proficiency tests to their own specification.


Bespoke Proficiency Testing

Collaborating with us gives you access to that expertise to support your business by independent evaluation of your lab networks’ performance by an ISO 17043 accredited provider

A New Recipe for Trust – Proficiency Testing

The demand on business to ‘do more with less’ continues. Budgets face constraint, and everyone increasingly looks to key areas of the organisation to improve productivity and support key business initiatives as well as protecting revenues against ever increasing challenges like ‘Food Fraud’ and ‘Authenticity’. At the same time, the proliferation and acceleration of emerging and increasing risks within the food supply chain brings its own demands as organisations race to maintain their competitive edge by implementing new solutions quickly.


Adding proficiency testing to your business and the benefits this brings;

  • Chemical surveillance
  • Supports ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation – gives your customers the
    confidence in your quality systems
  • External Quality Assessment with Independency throughout
  • Global Accessibility
  • Enables you to demonstrate competency, can identify Training Needs and support Method Development
  • Risk Mitigation – can reduce the risk to your business (both from internal and supplier networks)
Bespoke Proficiency Testing from Fapas




Many companies already trust us to provide high quality proficiency tests from our extensive range of scheduled tests where we help laboratories compare their performance with many other across the globe. We have organised closed schemes for a variety of laboratories commissioned by both government organisations and private industry.

At Fapas, our consultants apply their expertise and know-how to develop, enhance and protect our client’s quality systems and processes. We understand the challenges our clients face, and we provide tailored proficiency testing solutions that deliver real value – being the global leader in proficiency testing for the food and beverage sector for over 25 years with over 4500 Customers in over 120 Countries.


Being part of Fera Science Ltd, we have access to an extensive wealth of expertise underpinned with organising over 400 proficiency tests every year with high levels of participation, giving you the trust you need in robust analytical data to allow you to make evidence based business decisions.

Collaborating with us gives you access to that expertise to support your business by independent evaluation of your lab networks’ performance by an ISO 17043 accredited provider.


Fapas Bespoke Proficiency Testing | Microscope


Proficiency testing is a vital tool in mitigating business risks, such as;

  • Product failure
  • Non- compliance
  • Brand reputation
  • Legal requirements

It also gives you the confidence in your products, supply chain, analytical methods and people.


We only use real world samples*


By using real food samples which are as realistic as possible ensures better ‘life-like’ results, all using a protocol that has been optimisation over 25 years with constant refinement and enhancement which eliminates as much as possible the unexpected. We can spike and incurred materials in order to achieve extensive stability and homogeneity testing to ensure optimum results.

*Where available


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Our detailed statistical analysis can help you improve your testing ability through marginal gains as well as core improvements.

Fapas bespoke proficiency tests can encompass bespoke reporting requirements, to help you highlight areas of interest within your current testing arrangement. This can prove invaluable when assessing return on investment for ongoing quality control activities.


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To find out more about how Fapas can be your partner with regards to improving your quality control processes, ultimately aiming to reduce your business risk and provide brand protection, please contact us.