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Fapas Customer Service Team


The Fapas Customer Service team is on hand to support you when using Fapas services – be this using our online shop, submitting your results, or tracking your test materials.

We have over 10 years experience meeting our customers requirements and focus our efforts on providing a seamless working experience with Fapas.

Fapas Customer Service Team



Here’s just a few quotes from our customers:

Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera
Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera
Fapas Proficiency Testing From Fera

Our Customer Service Team is:

Lucy Glover | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera


Lucy Glover

Fapas Customer Support

I joined the Fapas team in the summer of 2013 as a Business Administration apprentice. After a year I was employed by Fapas and joined the customer service team, where my role was to focus on order processing, customer enquiries and agent support. In that time my knowledge of the Fapas proficiency testing schemes has continued to grow, whilst having the opportunity to speak with many of our customers and agents.

Leah Kitson | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera


Leah Kitson

Fapas Operations Support Administrator

I have worked within Fera Science Limited since 2015. I came into Fera as a Business Administration apprentice within the Fapas customer service team. Once my apprenticeship had ended I became a sample preparation assistant which included preparing Fapas’ proficiency tests. Several months later I then became the Operations Support Administrator for Fapas and have been in this job role for just over a year. Within my Operations role I track shipments daily, also preparing all documentation for each proficiency test, quality control and reference material orders, which includes import permits, customs documents and phytosanitary certificates if necessary.

Matthew Andrew | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera


Matthew Andrew

Fapas Customer Support

Before moving to the Fapas Customer Service Team I had direct involvement in formulating test materials and ensuring their homogeneity as part of the Veterinary Medicines & Fapas Sample Preparation teams. I have first-hand experience, dealing with the shipping of samples and how to overcome some of the issues arising with sampler logistics.

In April 2018 I transferred to the Fapas Customer Service team, my degree in BA (Hons) Finance And Investment Management helps with my responsibilities regarding order processing. We have agents based around the world and it is my job to meet their needs effectively across time zones and languages.

When meeting customer queries, we gather as much information as possible before troubleshooting and determining the underlying problem(s).”

Ruby Bailey | Fapas Proficiency Testing from Fera


Ruby Bailey

Fapas Customer Support

I have worked in Fapas since 2016. I started in the dispatch department and recently moved through to the customer services department. In this role I work closely with the Fapas Agents & customers daily, assisting them through the process of ordering to results submission. I have a BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance, which has helped manage e-procurement within Fapas.