Aflatoxins in Peanut Butter Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Peanut Butter (Water Slurry)


Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin B2, Aflatoxin G1, Aflatoxin G2, Aflatoxins (total)

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Due to the high levels of aflatoxins which can be found internationally in commercially available peanut based foodstuffs, Fapas includes this peanut butter test material.

Aflatoxins are specific mycotoxins caused by Aspergillus species of fungi. It is crucial for effective testing practices to be utilised to accurately identify this mycotoxin group from which to form mitigation and control strategies within an ever increasing global supply chain.

Fapas proficiency tests utilise real food matrices to provide direct comparisons to your routine testing ability, allowing you to highlight areas of improvement. This is all in an effort to safeguard your high quality testing activities across a range of testing environments and provide your customers with the credible results they require to meet strict regulations.