Cannabidiol in CBD Oil Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test






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2 x 2 ml


Cannabidiol in Oil is not currently within scope of accreditation to ISO 17043.

The recent interest and rising numbers of products being sold promoting the benefits of cannabidiol for a range of conditions has resulted in these products being classified in the EU as novel foods. Novel foods are of course new, and as such must be authorised before being offered for sale. Due to the sheer number of products already available, existing sales are not being impeded whilst applications for authorisation are being processed, as long as the products are not mis-labelled, unsafe, and do not contain psychoactive substances (tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabinol or CBN). In order to gain authorisation the materials must be tested in an accredited laboratory to prove their compliance with the safety requirements. This should also show that the purported active ingredient, in this case cannabidiol or CBD, is present at the level claimed on the product labelling. Products for testing common contaminants in CBD products, such as PAHs (FCCE2-UMI44), metals (FCCM12-UMI44) and pesticides (FCPM2-UMI44) are also available.