Conductivity and pH in Waste Water Proficiency Test


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size



2 x 125 ml


pH, Conductivity (25°C)


Test material is a full volume sample which requires no dilution.

Test Description

This proficiency test measures both pH and conductivity. Conductivity gives an overall measure of the concentration of potential contaminants within the water, which may be known or unknown. It is, as such, a good initial indicator that more in depth testing is needed. Keeping these results accurate is increasingly important as waste water analysis is becoming increasingly important in an ever more environmentally aware world. Fapas proficiency tests can alleviate any potential accuracy concerns within testing processes through statistical comparisons.

The drinking water industry is highly regulated across the world. There is a related responsibility to ensure that waste water is effectively treated to reduce environmental pollution. Fapas waste water proficiency test samples replicate those used to test for potential environmental contamination, covering a wide range of determinands.

Waste water directly affects the wider environment and as such holds extremely tight regulations across a number of factors including potential contaminants. Proficiency testing helps you keep on top of any detection issues you may be facing.

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