Contaminants in Infant Formula Quality Control Material

Test Material

Product Code




Infant Formula


3-MCPD Esters, 2-MCPD Esters

Approx. Size

50 g

Validity Date


Infant formula is consumed by infants at a critical development phase of their lives. This, therefore, requires extensive guarantees of the high-quality nature of their foodstuffs.

Food processing can itself produce contaminants due to chemical reactions. One group of process contaminants is the chloropropanols, of which 3-MCPD is the most commonly occurring and well known. 3-MCPD is a potential carcinogen and so its presence in food is regulated, in EU legislation EC 1881/2006 with a maximum level of 20 μg/kg in foods.

Quality control materials can be utilised to track the improvements made within your quality assurance activities. This is in addition to the effective standardisation work that can be done with Fapas quality control materials, where credible, reliable test results can be obtained.