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Product Specification

Not available.

Test Description

This Fapas proficiency test is ideal to evaluate your testing ability for a range of physical contaminants within a fruit puree-based baby food. The test requires identification of physical contaminants such as insect, metal, glass, plastic, stones, wood & others and is a realistic test of your screeningfor physical contaminants

Fruit puree-based baby foods are widely consumed and often viewed as a safe, nutricious part of weaning to solid foods, and so it is important to detect any contaminated material in order to minimise the risk to these vulnerable consumers.

Physical contaminants can come from the natural or manufacturing environments, and none should be present in a commercially produced material. Some, such as insect debris are unlikely to cause much of a problem if consumed, but glass shards, wooden splinters, metal fragments and many more are more likely to cause harm if accidentally consumed. 

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