Heavy Metals in Baby Food (Vegetable Based) Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Baby Food (Vegetable Based)


Arsenic (total), Cadmium, Lead

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The presence of metals in food is of particular concern due to their toxicity. These naturally occurring chemicals can occur as residues in food by a range of mechanisms such as their natural presence in the environment or contamination during food processing and storage. Their accumulation in the body can lead to harmful effects over time and their presence in foodstuffs is strictly regulated.

Heavy, toxic metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury are often found in food, either as a natural contaminant or a contaminant from production.  Babies and infants transferring to solid foods from milk are especially susceptible to heavy metals which can affect their growth and mental development over long periods of time.  Foods designed for babies and infants are therefore more strictly controlled for the presence of such contamination.

Within this proficiency test the heavy metals Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead are addressed. This challenges your laboratory to highlight any unsafe levels of these contaminants within Animal feed within one screening test. This is directly comparable to your routine analysis arrangement and as such results can be used to quickly inform any quality control decisions that may need to be made.

Fapas proficiency tests make use of real food samples from which highlight any improvements that may need to be made within your testing arrangement. This is all in an effort to maintain the highly accurate testing standards your customers enjoy, and regulators require. Our proficiency tests can form the benchmark of your extensive quality assurance programme, from which to make integral improvements to future-proof your current testing ability.