Ethylene Oxide (measured as 2-chloro ethanol) in Sesame Seeds Proficiency Test


Product Specification

Product Code Proficiency Test Matrix Approx. Size


Sesame Seeds

50 g


Ethylene Oxide (as 2-chloroethanol)


Test has shortened timescale for analysis and/or returning results.

Test Description

Ethylene oxide gas has disinfectant properties against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ethylene oxide, formerly used as a pesticide in the EU, is no longer approved for use as a pesticide in the EU under Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 and is classified as a carcinogen and mutagen category 1B in accordance with EU legislation.  Ethylene oxide is still used by some countries for fumigation before export. Residues of ethylene oxide in food can lead to the formation of another toxic compound: 2‑chloroethanol.

Sesame seeds are widely used ingredients in processed foods;FAPAS offers a proficiency test for ethylene oxide and 2‑chloroethanol in sesame seeds.

Proficiency testing as part of a well-designed quality assurance programme can provide the benchmark you need to ensure high quality testing activities are being undertaken.

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