Bacillus spp. and Moulds in Spices Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test





Bacillus spp., Moulds

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equivalent to 10 g


Enumeration Test

Dried spices are often considered as safe foods by consumers, due to their low water activity and the lack of any indication of spoilage. However, the early stages of processing of spices such as harvesting and drying are often performed outdoors and with no control measures in place, allowing spices to become contaminated with environmental organisms which can then survive in the dried product for long periods of time. Both target microorganisms (Bacillus spp. and Moulds) are able to produce spores which allow them to survive in extremely challenging conditions. Both can have significant impact on consumers through the production of toxins, so it is important that accurate enumeration of these organisms is carried out. This multiple test product duplicate as much as possible the real materials sent to laboratories and provides good value for money.

This product is suitable to benchmark your laboratory performance as well as to verify your standardised method or to validate a new laboratory method.

This product is for quantitative analysis only, and FAPAS will accept results only reported in the right units, cfu/g. Identification of the Bacillus spp. or the Moulds is not required.

Unlike some providers, this material will also contain background flora, as well as the target organisms, in order to get as close as possible to a real testing challenge.