Heavy Metals in Infant Food Quality Control Material

Test Material

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Infant Formula


Aluminium, Cadmium, Chromium, Iodine, Molybdenum, Selenium

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Heavy metals within infant formula can pose large risks for infants if consumed in amounts above those levels deemed safe by regulators. This challenge by regulators on testing laboratories to enforce these strict legislative limits adds pressure for labs to provide accurate testing across a range of contaminants within both infant formula and other matrices.

The large amount of nutritional importance focussed on infant formula puts a great deal of emphasis on the accurate testing ability of your laboratory to detect and quantify any contaminants within foodstuffs. This risk of contamination is increased owing to the number of ingredients within infant formula, to achieve the correct nutritional values claimed.

To achieve the high quality testing required, effective quality assurance measures must take place. Fapas quality control materials, in partnership with Fapas proficiency tests, can provide the long term insight into your testing activities needed to maintain a high quality testing arrangement. Quality control materials allow you to standardise your testing practises across your staff resource, as well as being a vital tool for instrument calibration to mitigate any risks of unknown bias within your testing results.