Natural Hormones in Bovine Urine Proficiency Test

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Proficiency Test



Bovine Urine


alpha-Boldenone, 17beta-Oestradiol (estradiol), 17alpha-19-Nortestosterone, 17beta-Testosterone, Methyltestosterone, Total Natural Hormones

Approx. Size

25 ml


1 or more analytes will be present for identification and quantification, test has shortened timescale for analysis and/or returning results

The test material is for the quantification and identification of natural hormones. At natural levels these are not a problem, but levels might be artificially elevated, in order to gain advantage, especially for beef production. The gender of the animal is important in determining natural hormones, but detections in the wrong gender of animal, or unusually high levels in the right gender of animal,  can indicate mis-use. Urine and blood serum provide different matrices in which to analyse these hormones.